Me llamo René Bocanegra. 24 años. Tijuana/Ensenada. Comics, libros, hip hop, punk, guitarras y Beethoven conforman mi vida. Corazón coraza.-------------------------Perpetual pessimist. Comic book enthusiast. Self loathing misanthropist. 80's B movie addict. Classical guitarist. Straight edge but not an asshole. Punk rock saved my life but it is also trying to destroy it. Anarchist oriented. Question everything. Love your friends, die laughing. Stay angry.



5 ways to turn any girl on that ALWAYS work

  1. show her your yugioh cards
  2. show her your yugioh cards
  3. show her your yugioh cards
  4. show her your yugioh cards
  5. if your yugioh cards dont turn her on send her to the shadow realm 

the artist expresses … intimate fantasizing … by wrapping it up in a socially acceptable form—by … offering the pleasure of the beautiful artistic form as a lure which seduces us into accepting the otherwise repulsive excessive pleasure of intimate fantasizing

Slavoj Zizek (via alterities)